Last Games Night of 2016

What better way to spend the last Games Night of 2016 then to celebrate some birthdays and enjoy a few special treats. The gang sang ‘Happy Birthday’ as three special young men blew out the candles, all three celebrating their birthdays within a week and a half of eachother, and then we all got to enjoy tasty cupcakes. There was also a very special treat waiting at The Cafe…owl cookies! Yummmmm!

Thank you to everyone who helped make all the Tuesday Teen Games Night’s of 2016 successful and fun. Teen Gaming night will resume January 3.

Last of the Cooking Classes for 2016

The cooking classes for winter 2016 are now over. What a wonderful time everybody had learning new recipes, how to prepare meals, kitchen safety, tips and tricks on how to cook. Stay tuned for information and dates for cooking classes starting in the New Year.

A huge Thanks goes out to Jill Blackstone for teaching the classes, you have made the last seven weeks the most fun ever! All the young people cannot wait until the cooking classes start again in the New Year.