The Undiscovered Workforce – Part 2

The Kinds of Work People with ASD Can Do


People with ASD are individuals, so the jobs and tasks for which they are suited will vary from person to person, just as it does for other members of the workforce. They succeed in a huge range of different jobs.

Although it is always difficult to generalize, there are areas where people with ASD may excel. These include:

  • Tasks where attention to detail and accuracy is required (example: research work, data input or word processing)
  • Tasks involving numbers, statistics and facts (example: finance or accounting)
  • Tasks where there is a clear procedure to follow (example: dealing with incoming and outgoing post, archiving, library work or filing)
  • Highly structured tasks with a right and a wrong way of doing something (example: IT support, computer programming or systems testing)

It is commonly thought that because people with ASD typically experience problems with communication, social interaction and changes in routine, that they are unlikely to do well in jobs which require these skills. However, while many people with ASD don’t feel comfortable in environments where there are unexpected changes, or in jobs which involve a lot of face-to-face with customers, there are others who thrive in these roles, including some in senior positions.

The successful employment of a person with an ASD, as with any member of staff, relies on focusing on an individual’s strengths, abilities and skills, The key is to treat each person as an individual and avoid assumptions about their likely performance and because they have an ASD.


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