The Undiscovered Workforce – Part 3

The Benefits of Employing Someone with ASD


People with ASD can make a valuable contribution to company workplaces, bringing benefit to employers with the qualities they bring to a job in their company. They very often make particularly reliable, hardworking and motivated employees. Many are good at paying close attention to detail, are highly meticulous and maintain a high level of accuracy.

In addition, jobs of a repetitive nature, whether basic or highly complex, often appeal strongly to people with ASD, meaning that they may excel in areas where other employees lose focus and concentration. There is also strong evidence that people with ASD are often extremely keen workers who thrive in a structured, well organized work environment, leading to high attendance records and potentially a lower staff turnover.

Many people with ASD are highly intelligent and well educated. In addition, they often display the following characteristics:

  • Ability to concentrate without distraction on one particular task for lengthy periods
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy (often 100%)
  • Close attention to detail and an ability to identify errors
  • Technically ability (many have excellent IT skills and qualifications)
  • Detailed factual knowledge (often encyclopedic)
  • Excellent memory
  • Conscientiousness and persistence

In short, a person with an ASD may be better at a particular job than someone without. Where people with an ASD have learned and settled into a job, they are often highly regarded and valued by both management and colleagues.


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