The Undiscovered Workforce – Part 4

Improving the Skills of Managers and Other Staff

Having a diverse workforce brings benefits to staff and business alike. Managers who have worked with people with an ASD have commented that they have learned to communicate with their whole team more effectively and to organize and prioritize work better. Immediate colleagues are likely to benefit in similar ways, bringing advantages and greater efficiency to a whole team.

Good PR and Corporate Image

Thousands of people in this country have disabilities. They may well be clients or customers of our business. Employing a person or people with an ASD send a message that you are positive in your attitude to disabled people, value the qualities they have to offer and are a socially responsible employer.

Meeting Legal Obligatoins

The Ontario Human Rights Code stipulates that employers have a duty to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ in the workplace and in the recruitment process for people with disabilities.

Reasonable adjustments in the case of a person with an ASD can often be made both readily and economically. For example, people with an ASD may process information and instructions more easily if they are written down rather than spoken or if a task is broken down into component parts. Similarly, asking clear, specific questions in an interview will make it easier for a person with an ASD to provide the information you are looking for.

If you are interested in the potential benefits a person with an ASD could bring to your workforce, you may well find you need to make relatively minor adjustments to ensure they can work effectively and efficiently.



To Learn More Please Visit:

Autism Works OttawaY's Owl Maclure

Or CONTACT Suzanne Ford (613) 492-9000 or (613) 266-3205



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